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Who we are

Brothers Michiel and Regardt Scharrighuisen established Giflo as a high quality property development company focussed on greenfield and joint venture developments. The property sector can be a challenging space for the uninitiated, but Giflo has an exemplary track record in delivering on its established promise of developmental excellence.

Giflo are experts in developing commercial and medical property. This means businesses needing office space to rent are able to positively engage with the company about their specific requirements, secure in the knowledge their property goals will be more than adequately achieved in partnership with Giflo.

Giflo Medical

An interesting specialist area in which Giflo excels is the development of medical facilities such as day hospitals, medical centres, clinics and similar purpose-created medical services spaces. The Giflo Medical division was formed in 2016 when the company was joined by experts Pieter Knoesen and Ivan Makkink, who are responsible for all medical facilities developed and managed by Giflo.

Developer Ivan and architect Pieter have more than 20 years’ combined experience in the medical facilities industry. They have completed many related developments, including step-down and dialysis facilities, as well as day hospitals and other types of specialist medical centres across the country.

The Giflo Medical team has an entrenched understanding of this complex development business and is completely at ease with creating development plans capable of delivering over the long term on the expectations of all parties involved. Due to the many details to keep in mind with medical developments, the Giflo Medical team has created appropriate process flow methodologies that are specifically geared towards the efficient establishment and management of effective facilities. If you are looking for a partner to assist you with the development of a medical facility, Giflo Medical is ideally positioned to enable synergies in this specialist arena that will lead to the healthiest possible outcome. Its proven track record attests to its ability to purpose-develop medical facilities offering not only high-quality spaces but also delivering on the bottom line over time.

Strength in partnerships

Giflo’s key strength lies in its ability to form strong, long-lasting partnerships with reliable associates. By co-developing, co-owning, and seeking out the best partners, Giflo ensures that everyone benefits from the significant synergies inherent in partnerships, where the total is greater than the sum of its parts. Giflo views its clients as important contributors to the success of development projects and aligns itself with industry professionals at the forefront of innovation to create high-quality developments. Giflo values honest and transparent relationships with clients and tenants and strength in partnerships is a core value that Giflo holds in high esteem. This approach appeals to new clients, as Giflo offers continuous interaction, constant availability, and uncompromising service excellence.


Moral authority comes from following universal and timeless principles such as honesty, integrity and respect.

Pursuit of excellence

Giflo prizes innovation and does not compromise on establishing anything other than high-quality, sustainable, future-proof developments. The company’s approach ensures low maintenance, highly functional, well-designed developments. The company creates buildings with purpose, featuring a low carbon footprint in line with the requirements of the Green Building Council of South Africa.

“Everyone can try their hand at making property successful but only a handful will prevail. Play your strengths, find your differentiator and above all maintain integrity for that is what your peers and competition will admire.”

Michiel Scharrighuisen
Giflo Director

Giflo Company Profile

About Giflo

Giflo Commercial Team

Michiel Scharrighuisen
Director and Co-Founder

Regardt Scharrighuisen
Director and Co-Founder

Josias de Kock
Financial Director

Stefan Mostert
Financial Manager

Marilie Pretorius
Professional Architect

Colette Meiring
Leasing Executive

Sharon Grobbelaar
Executive Assistant

Eugene van Zijl
Operational Manager

Neil Muller
Operational Manager – Paarl

Giflo Medical Team

Ivan Makkink

Pieter Knoesen