Irene Link

Building B

After the success of the impressive Barloworld Logistics building comes Building B, the next phase of prime development within Irene Link Precinct. The vision for Building B is to establish its own visual identity adjacent to Barloworld Logistics.

In keeping with the visual landscape of the precinct, Building B’s architecture employs high performance glazing and off shutter concrete rendering with steel and aluminium screening. These contemporary materials blend the building’s appearance smoothly into Irene Link, without compromising its own unique identity.

The building creates a permeable glass envelope that sits lightly on a naturally ventilated basement. The design style allows for seamless views between the high-energy of the highway and the southern pedestrian areas.

The strategic location of the proposed new retail centre creates an opportunity for convenience and a social focus within the smaller Irene context. The retail centre will anchor the precinct to the west and add to the mixed-use nature of the development.

The site has three access points from the supporting road network. The east entrance has full access via the Olievenhoutbosch traffic intersection and is further facilitated by a traffic circle close to the entertainment square. From the south a dedicated left in and left out from Olievenhoutbosch Road allows access to the central portion of the site. On the western boundary access is achieved via Alexandra Road that is supported by a traffic intersection from Jean Avenue.

The mixed-use nature of the Irene Link Precinct will be enhanced by the user requirements through business hours of the office component, weekly 24 hours cycle of the hotel guests and the weekend / afternoon peaks for the residential area.

With Botha, Alexandra and Jean Avenues and the N1 forming the borders of Irene Link, there is no better location for a lifestyle of true convenience within the desirable living and working space of an urban village atmosphere.

The Gautrain is close
Accessibility is guaranteed with the Gautrain in close proximity. The Gautrain bus route to and from the existing Gautrain station in Centurion runs conveniently past Irene Link in Jean Avenue.

The envisaged second phase development of new routes for the Gautrain includes a new rail station that will be built next to Irene Link, with additional bus routes servicing the whole Irene village area.

All this makes Irene Link Precinct one of the best connected new mixed-use precincts in Gauteng.

A connected precinct

Seamlessly integrating the vibrant pulse of urban living with the tranquil landscape of the Irene Village area, Irene Link Precinct is an oasis in the city bustle. This premium lifestyle development offers the unparalleled convenience of commercial, residential, retail and educational space, with a hotel and medical centre in one free flowing precinct, all with easy access to the N1 highway just around the corner.

Stylish offices, green recreational spaces, an international hotel, modern gym and a variety of world-class restaurants make this precinct the ultimate in luxury and convenience. Pedestrian comfort is part and parcel of the development, with walkability developed into all aspects of the precinct. Internet connectivity is naturally a given, with high speed fibre available throughout the area.

Irene Link aims to achieve a sought-after 4-star certification from Green Star SA as a Sustainable Precinct. The precinct is being developed with sustainability as its core aspirational value. Additionally buildings within the area will apply for certification as Five Star by The Green Building Council of South Africa.

Effective, preventative security measures ensure safety through behavioural analytics in addition to streetlamp and building cameras that are standard throughout the area.

Energy efficient LED streetlamps are used, while effective traffic flow planning and smart parking management apps make driving a breeze.

The precinct will contain optimised fibre links to ensure all inhabitants have access to high speed internet. Thermal Energy Storage (TES) and Building Management Systems (BMS) are included for all buildings. A business centre will offer a communal space for meetings and presentations.

This modern new office building will provide an ideal office space in the following rentable area configuration:

P-Grade offices: 6 752m²
GBCSA rating: Four Stars
Storage: 250m²
Balcony: 250m²
Basement parking: 230
Open parking: 70

Development timeline

Excavation: 1 November 2019
Occupation: 20 March 2021

“In property development, getting business tomorrow is solely dependent on how you do business today.”

Regardt Scharrighuisen
Giflo Director

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