Giving Back

Supporting the development of talent for a better future

Sport is a catalyst that uplifts the body and soul. The purpose of sport is to provide a positive avenue for healthy living and active social interaction between people. Giflo is passionate about school sports and supports carefully chosen schools through sponsorships. The company believes strongly in the development of youth through the inherent values of sport.

As part of the company’s purpose to serve the communities in which it operates, Giflo is a proud sponsor of the Paarl Gimnasium 1st rugby team.

In 2021 the Giflo sponsorship will be prominently displayed on first team rugby jerseys, at the field of play and in other brand marketing material.

With the interschool rugby match having the largest attendance for a school game in the world, school rugby is therefore the ideal sport sponsorship activity for Giflo. Supporting school rugby means continuous positive brand association and a commitment to strong partnerships with sponsored high schools.

Paarl Gimnasium, Hoër Jongenskool Paarl and Hoër Meisieskool Paarl are well-known schools that have produced some of South Africa’s top sports stars.

Paarl Gimnasium website link – Read More

In addition Giflo also sponsors Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool’s 1st rugby team in Pretoria.

Affies is a Christian Afrikaans high school with a rich history that aims to maintain and build on its unique tradition of excellent, educational teaching for the benefit of the whole of South Africa and all its citizens. This prestigious school celebrated its centenary year in 2020.

The universal core values that Giflo shares with the school include a belief in God, love, truth and hope. Hard work, commitment and a consistent, dependable way of getting things done in the right way resonates with Giflo’s own approach.

Affies excels at mining the potential inherent in all of its students, including in the areas of academics, culture and sport. Its well-established systems and processes ensure that the school can support young talent effectively.

Over many years Affies has become one of the most well-known rugby schools in the country, regularly placing at the top of school rugby leagues. Under the expert tutelage of Jaco Koch, the head of rugby at Affies, the school’s performance continues to go from strength to strength.

As a talented and passionate rugby aficionado, Koch believes in continuous learning about the game, the latest techniques and strategies as well as the finer points of coaching at first class school level. He was a talented rugby player himself, having represented his own school in the first team as a member of Hoërskool Upington’s top side. He also captained a Craven Week team, as well as many provincial junior sides until his career was cut short by a serious back injury.

But that did not stop Koch from continuing to contribute to the development of his beloved sport through the medium of coaching. With Koch as the driver of rugby excellence at Affies, the school’s accomplishments on the field of play and positive team spirit off it, can only continue to deliver further success.

In 2021 the Giflo sponsorship will be prominently displayed on first team Affies rugby jerseys, at the field of play and in other brand marketing material.

Affies website link – Read More

Extended sponsorships in 2021

In addition to the first team rugby sponsorships of Paarl Gimnasium and Affies, Giflo is proud of the following new sports sponsorships in 2021:

  • Paarl Gimnasium Primary School – 1st Team Tennis, Athletics, a new Rugby Tournament and the Gerrie Berner Tennis Tournament
  • Courtrai Primary – 1st Team Rugby and 1st Team Netball

Giving Back

Community Involvement

In addition to developing with purpose, Giflo also recognises its role in society at large. To give back to the community in which it operates, Giflo has chosen to work with Community Keepers, a charitable organisation based in Stellenbosch that aims to improve the social and emotional well-being of learners by creating supportive school communities where learning and development can prosper.

In keeping with its positioning that there is strength in partnerships, Giflo has developed a long-standing partnership with Community Keepers in the area of corporate social responsibility and commitment.

A South African reality is that many children come to school with social and emotional baggage, which is caused by individual, family and community circumstances. This hampers their ability to optimally utilise the educational opportunities being offered at schools.

In order to lighten the weight of this burden, Community Keepers follows a multifaceted approach, providing a therapeutic support service to both the learners and educators. Furthermore, this charitable organisation provides support to the parents and educators in the child’s life, helping them develop the needed knowledge and skills.

Community Keepers is different from most community initiatives because its services are provided by qualified professionals including counsellors, psychologists and social workers. All school-based services are implemented in partnership with learners, educators and parents or guardians to ensure activities are relevant to the community. All role-players are equipped to participate and maintain programmes for the long term. This includes professional support and development programmes for learners and educators, as well as various parenting initiatives.

By caring for the social and emotional well-being of learners, Community Keepers also contributes towards their educational development in a bid to address poverty and reduce inequality in South Africa.

Find out more by visiting the Community Keepers website.