Irene Link

The Development

Developed in partnership with Abland and SOM

The innovative Irene Link precinct mixed-use development establishes a new smart village precinct in the heart of the tranquil landscape of the Irene village area, seamlessly integrating a green building aesthetic with the vibrant pulse of urban living in this popular village area. The precinct will contain optimised fibre links to ensure all inhabitants have access to high speed internet and to all the benefits thereof, such as always on security and no-hassle streaming.

With unrivalled access to the N1 highway and other major arterial roads, the location of the Irene Link precinct cannot be bettered. With an emphasis on the ambience of a truly premium way of life, the development offers discerning tenants and residents an opportunity to live and work in an area that simply features the most desirable aspects of a modern lifestyle.

Situated between Botha, Alexandra and Jean Avenues and the N1, the Irene Link precinct development offers a wide array of mixed-use benefits, such as specialised spaces including residential, education, retail, a hotel and medical centre as well as commercial offices in an area purposefully designed for comfort and easy access to all essential amenities.

Irene Link Precinct brings in style smart village living to life.

Irene Link Precinct

Commercial: 55 000 m²
Medical: 2 500 m²
Hotel: 200 rooms
Higher education: TBC
Various residential options