DFA Office Park


  • Roof terrace with seating area offering break-outs during the day
  • Communal board and meeting rooms on the roof terrace
  • Fully equiped braai facilities with kitchenette, bathrooms and storerooms for everyday use, corporate entertainment or staff functions  
  • There is a canteen on the roof terrace
  • Bicycle bays with locker rooms and showers

Communal Facilities

The second floor roof terrace is accessed via a lift. It’s a communal space and its focus is board and meeting rooms and training facilities. All are equipped with IT and telecommunications infrastructure. You won’t need to house these facilities in your own space. Other features include a fully equipped kitchenette and bathrooms. It’s great for corporate functions, team-building exercises and year-end gatherings.

Roof Terrace

The roof terrace is a communal facility which also serves as a convivial meeting place for employees from multiple offices to socialise and network. It provides a compelling environment in which to slow down and catch your breathe when the going gets heated.

Braai Facilities

A key feature of the roof terrace is the braai facilities. Get away from your desk to the social gathering at year end, enjoy a steak and a glass of wine in the balmy weather of a Gauteng evening, or meet other teams from other offices in the building to network and socialise. Isn’t that how South Africans do it?