Company Profile

Who We Are

Giflo is a commercial property development company as well as a property investment company founded by brothers Michiel & Regardt Scharrighuisen. We have offices in Pretoria and Paarl and our core business involves the expansion of our property portfolio by sole greenfield developments, joint venture developments and direct acquisitions.

In 2016 Giflo formed its medical division with Pieter Knoesen and Ivan Makkink at the steer.  Giflo Medical has a specialised and focused approach in the medical property industry, from 100% ownership to joint venture partnerships with industry professionals.  Our involvements include site selection and acquisition, use and operator packaging and construction and management of medical facilities.  Pieter and Ivan have more than 20 years combined experience in the industry and have completed medical centres, step down facilities, dialysis facilities and day hospitals across the country.

Our Vision, Ethos & Ethics

Our dynamic team, which prizes integrity and is committed to innovation, focuses on the three pillars of well-considered property development:  Access, Location and Visibility. We strive to develop and build high-quality, sustainable buildings that are future-proof in the face of a dynamic, rapidly changing social and economic landscape.

Pursuit of Quality

We align ourselves with the best industry professionals at the forefront of innovation to create buildings of the highest quality.  Our standards ensure a low maintenance,functional and well-designed development that is completed within time and budget. We further strive to develop buildings with a low carbon footprint and in line with the requirements of the Green Building Council of South Africa.

Our Client Relationships

We believe our relationships with our tenants are our most valuable attribute. We believe in continuous interaction with all our tenants backed up by the best service the market has to offer.

“Everyone can try their hand at making property successful but only a hand full will prevail. Play your strengths, find your differentiator and above all maintain integrity for that is what your peers and competition will admire.”

Michiel Scharrighuisen
Giflo Director

Giflo Commercial Team

Michiel Scharrighuisen
Director and Co-Founder

Regardt Scharrighuisen
Director and Co-Founder

Josias de Kock
Financial Manager

Natasha de Villiers
Marketing & Leasing Manager

Grieta van Zyl
Executive Assistant

Colette van Schalkwyk
Executive Assistant

Eugene van Zijl
Operational Manager

John Baloyi
Operational Executive

Chris Matsemela
Operational Executive

Giflo Medical Team

Pieter Knoesen

Ivan Makkink